Happy Trails Adventure is very flexible with our Custom Tours. We want our guests to be able to experience just about anything they have an interest in, and we will do our best to make it happen!


      Requested Custom Tours:

             - scenic Hikes 

               -National Parks 

               -Super Dates   

- Indian petroglyphs 

- Learn to Camp 

- Learn to Backpack 

- Tour the Polygamist Communities of Colorado City and Hildale 

- Learn Nature Photography 

- Learn Nature Filmmaking 

- Bird watching 

- Animal watching 

- Walking tours of Cedar City and St. George

- Chartered Shuttle to favorite locations or special events

- Guided Bike Tours

- Bike Shuttle

- Iron Man Training Course

- Ultra Marathon Training and Hiking Course


(Some of our exclusive tours are going to be more expensive than other tours listed due to the booking of exclusive, high end professionals to come teach courses)